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Breaking Tradition: - Vicar Mat von Stanke

How do we talk about evangelism and helping people be made whole/clean?

Pastor Reid Matthias: - Partners in Ministry

This week we’re going to be amateur archaeologists digging far below the surface to find a pairing that seeks to transform lives even one at a time

One Day: - Pastor Reid Matthias

This week, we’re going to experience the story of the unnamed lame man in Acts 3 and how he is brought from his own paralysis of dreams for the future; then, we’ll see how it intersects with the Living Acts of the present – a man, expected to have cancer, a maximum life expectancy of five years, going to have surgery, and the unthinkable happens.

Spiritual Freedom: - Pastor Rolly Stahl

By the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus’ ministry of setting people free from unclean spirits continues through his people
Includes testimonies from 2 of our members!

Living Culture: - Pastor Reid Matthias

In the 21st century, how do we capture the Spirit’s fire in sharing the message of the Messiah?

Dynamic Community: - Pastor Rolly Stahl

The power of a community filled with the love and life of Jesus where people’s needs are met is profoundly attractive.

Everyone’s Story, Everyone’s Promise: - Vicar Mat von Stanke

Don’t we all like a good story?

Living Acts: Pastor Reid Matthias

We find a flow of movement in the ancient Christian world. A movement from Crowd, to Community, to Culture.