I was in my mid-20’s, doing vicarage at Mt Barker. After attending three funerals of people I’d known, and reflecting on times shared with them, it suddenly dawned on me: “One day it will be my body in that box at the front – and then where will I be? And how can I be sure?”
With this sudden awareness, I threw every objection I could muster at the resurrection of Jesus. In the end, I was convinced by the cumulative evidence of the New Testament that Jesus is risen, and my hope in him well placed.  
Jesus says: “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” 
Matthew 5:4 
What can we do to comfort those who mourn?
As followers of Jesus, we do well to take a leaf out of Jesus’ book, responding to people in grief with compassion, empathy, and tenderness.
Matthew 5:4, Ruth 1:1-22

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