We explore the much loved story of Joseph: the teenager with the special coat who drew contempt from his brothers after sharing his dreams with them. The favourite son of Jacob who was sold as a slave by his brothers, spent several years in an Egyptian jail, and who, at the age of 30, became Prince of Egypt.  Yet in spite of his hardships, we do not see Joseph sitting around feeling sorry for himself. He gets on with life in the knowledge that God is with him. The Lord gives him wisdom and favour, and his work is a blessing to all he serves. Joseph ends up saving his extended family, along with the people of Egypt and the surrounding Middle East.  By seeing the hand of God turning messing into blessing in his life, Joseph finds the grace to let go of past hurts, forgive his brothers, and consistently treat them with kindness.  Who are you still angry with? What hurts are you still carrying that enrage you every time you recall what “that person” did to you?  Bitterness...it keeps poisoning your soul, polluting your life, stunting your spiritual growth, and blinding you to the unfailing love and good purposes God has for your life! If you don’t want to remain stuck there for the rest of your life, take a leaf out of Joseph and Jesus’ book: forgive them!

Matthew 5:7, Genesis 50:15-21 (for the back story start at Gen 37:1)

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